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Lose weight with Ayurveda

I am a man of almost 65 years. Over the past decades I had had some vague complaints and I was gaining weight. In the gray past I made many serious attempts to lose weight at times, but it all came to nothing and I kept falling back to the old format, ie with a big belly, so rightfully yo-yo. About 15 years ago I started eating vegetarian, but completely for reasons other than to lose weight. I really like this way of eating, so I still eat vegetarian. But you don’t fall off, at least it didn’t help me. Then I once went to a lecture by Etienne Premdani about Afvallen met Ayurveda, the 5000-year-old medicine from India.I heard about human constitutions and about the major problem of acidification as a result of food, among other things. Acidification as a disease maker has been known in Ayurveda for 5000 years. That reading made me – ultimately – understand the logic of the whole much better.

Now I got more and more troublesome. First a tickly cough for which I got a cough syrup from the doctor, later sore throat for which I was given a course of antibiotics, and I also got burps. It all did not go away and then the idea grew that those annoying things could be due to a certain diet, so that everything no longer functioned so optimally. Then I thought back to Etienne Premdani’s lectures and his story about acidification and finally I requested a consultation from him on Afvallen met Ayurveda.

Etienne then did a so-called ALBA (Ayurveda Live Blood Analysis). It took a few drops of blood and looked at them through the microscope. I was able to watch myself on a large screen and he explained everything I saw. Etienne saw fairly exhausted adrenal glands, slightly Candida (a fungus), a bit of a spastic gut, allergies, tired liver and a few other things. He first advised me to deacidify and detoxify, some intestinal flushes and drew up a treatment plan. I went home with a number of jars with Ayurvedic herbal preparations and the advice to drink a lot with certain mineral salts and to leave the cheese for a while. I’ve had a few colonics now. With these rinses, special herbs and oils for a good intestinal flora are used in the rinse.It is a strange feeling with a snake at the bottom of your body, but it is done very hygienically and with gentle massages on the abdomen, not painful. I felt reborn, clean and light every time after such a rinse.

Ayurveda for weight loss

The result of that already, after a month, I find astonishing on Afvallen met Ayurveda. I now feel more than healthy, much more energetic, sleep very well and I no longer suffer from a tickly cough and sore throat. I didn’t go to Etienne to lose weight, but it’s a very pleasant side effect that I did. I have not gone hungry in the past month and am still eating very well. My wife has delved into Ayurvedic cookbooks and we have therefore come to a slightly different diet. In any case, my physical complaints have now completely disappeared and I only feel healthier. I also notice a big additional benefit of a much tidier and happier feeling. I think that is not only because a piece of burden has literally fallen off my body, but also because of the Ayurvedic diet itself,

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