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New! Training as an Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner

The Premdani Ayurveda College offers – in collaboration with the College of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy (UK) – an Ayurvedic Practitioner training. It is a 4-year program that is completed with a practical internship of six months. The training was compiled by Dr Mauroof Athique, Course Director of the College of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy. The College was founded in 1997.

Unique to this program is that each year is completed with exams that allow students to obtain a recognized qualification (on successful completion of the relevant year). The certificate offers them the opportunity to work as an Ayurvedic massage therapist or as an Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle coach (after 1 and 2 years of study, respectively).

The study consists of online lessons, tutoring, self-study and practical lessons in England, France and India. The total study load is approximately 1200 hours per year. An HBO accreditation has been requested for this study.

The curriculum of the College of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy is based on the WHO Benchmark for Category 1 Type 1 Āyurvedic Practitioner Education (2010), which is supported by the Ministry of AYUSH, New Delhi, India. The College is recognized as one of the leading providers of Āyurvedic education and training in the UK and Europe.


The study program:

Year 1:

CodeModule Title.

DHE 101 Applied Anatomy and Physiology.

DHE 102 Padārtha Vijñāna, Aṣṭāñga Hṛdayam (Sūtrasthāna) & Sanskrit.

DHE 103 Counselling, Communication and Human Values ​​in Healthcare.

DHE 104 Principles and Practice of Ayurvedic Massage.

Clinical Practice : Two (2) weeks of Clinical Practice in Normandy, France.

Exit Qualification: Certificate in Ayurvedic Massage Therapy.

Year 2:

DHE 201 Swasthavṛtta (Āyurvedic and Modern Nutrition & Lifestyle).

DHE 202 Vikriti Vijñāna (Āyurvedic and Modern Aetio-pathophysiology).

DHE 203 Dravyaguṇa Vijñāna (Āyurvedic & Modern Pharmacology).

DHE 204 Integrated Approach to Diagnostic Methods.

Clinical Practice : Two (2) weeks of Clinical Practice in Cornwall, UK.

Exit Qualification: Certificate in Āyurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselor.

Year 3 :

DHE 301 Bhaiṣajya Kalpana, Rasa Shastra and Agada Tantra.

DHE 302 Kāyacikitsā I (Aṣṭāñga Hṛdayam – Nidānasthāna and Cikitsāsthāna).

DHE 303 Kāy acikitsā II (Pañcakarma, Rasayana & Modern Pathology).

DHE 304 Principles and Practice of Therapeutic Yoga.

Clinical Practice: Six (6) weeks of Clinical Practice in India.

Exit Qualification: Diploma in Ayurvedic Healthcare Therapy.

Year 4:

DHE 401 Prasūti Tantra, Strī Roga and Kaumārabhṛtya.

DHE 402 Śalya-Śālākya Tantra and Emergency Care.

DHE 403 Research Methods in Healthcare and Dissertation.

DHE 404 Mānasīka Roga (Principles of Āyurvedic Modern Mental Health).

Clinical Practice: Six (6) weeks of Clinical Practice in India.

Exit Qualification: Diploma in Higher Education (Āyurveda & Yoga).

Year 5 :

Clinical Internship:

Six (6) month Mentorship of Clinical Practice in the UK

Submission of Dissertation.

Exit Qualification: Registered Ayurvedic Medical Practitioner.

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You can register for this training via ayurveda@premdani.nl . You will then receive further information as soon as possible about the date on which you can start the training and the payment options.


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