Premdani Ayurveda Clinic has extremely modern and comfortable wellness facilities. Choose from one of the five beneficial wellness packages and enjoy the various treatments. Unwind in the beautiful rural landscape of Olst and the surrounding area.

The Wellness Center

The Premdani Ayurveda Clinic has a beautifully decorated wellness center where you can completely relax. You can here ? under the expert guidance of vaidya Etienne Premdani and his team ? follow a detoxification and slowdown program that focuses on balancing body and mind. In addition to multi-day, fully catered relaxation cures, you can also follow one-day cures in the Wellness Center.

Learn from Ayurveda

In the Wellness Center we work according to the teachings of Ayurveda. This is a 5000 year old healing method from India that is based on a holistic view of man. According to Ayurveda, a correct lifestyle can not only influence physical health, but also gain more insight into oneself and the world, resulting in a healthy and happy life.

According to this teaching, nutrition, lifestyle, massages, herbs, meditation and yoga ensure the right balance between body and mind.

The rest

The Wellness center is located in a beautiful, rural area in Overijssel. You can enjoy walking and find peace. The village of Olst and the river IJssel are within walking distance of the clinic and are well worth seeing and experiencing. You can also make beautiful cycling trips in the area. And if you want to look closer: the garden around the clinic also offers opportunities for walking and sitting.

The stay

Our Wellness center has sixteen spacious rooms, all of which are equipped with a bathroom. Nine rooms are available for treatments and consultations. We have set up a special meditation room for meditation. There are also two auditoriums for meetings with larger groups.

The kitchen

During the cure you will be spoiled with the most delicious Ayurvedic meals, freshly prepared every day by our cook. Meals are eaten together in the dining room where you have a beautiful view over the surrounding area.

Intake consultation with Ayurveda Blood Cell Microscopy

Every patient who visits the clinic for the first time receives an extensive intake consultation with ayurvedic physician vaidya Etienne Premdani. During this consultation, which lasts about 75 minutes, Etienne first determines the constitution. A pulse diagnosis and anamnesis are also an integral part of the intake. The focus is on Ayurveda Blood Cell Microscopy, which Etienne uses as an extension of Ayurvedic methodology. It is a microscopic blood test that mainly focuses on toxins, intestinal load, liver load, acidification, snails, digestion (agni), undigested food residues / mucus (ama), fungi (Candida), allergic load, plaque formation (calcification), fat crystals, etc. Patients can watch on the monitor and receive an explanation of what their blood count shows. On the basis of all this data, Etienne establishes the diagnosis and determines which treatment method(s) should be applied. The consultation is concluded with practical tips and advice about nutrition and the use of Ayurvedic herbal preparations. Finally, Etienne draws up a Wellness treatment plan in consultation with the patient, taking the patient’s wishes and possibilities into account as much as possible. The herbs used in the massages are selected on the basis of, among other things, the patient’s constitution and complaint pattern. After a patient has made an appointment with us for an intake consultation, we will send him/her an intake form with a number of questions. We ask the patient to put these questions with answers on a USB stick and to take the stick with them to the first consultation.

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